Our company was founded in 2004. The main subject of our business is the national and international carriage of bulk commodities (substrates). Over time, we have also started to offer the carriage of full-truck loads.


  • Perform the carriage of feed materials and food according to customer’s requirements with respect to the product safety and health, and to the requirements of the established GMP+ B4 systems.
  • Carry out a market survey in such a way that the information obtained makes the company commercially attractive to customers and allows the company to compete in a difficult competitive environment.
  • Check options to expand the range of services in order to keep satisfied customers.
  • In all activities, ensure the requirements of the legislative regulations of the Czech Republic and the EU, or the exporting country, including ensuring the health and safety (sustainability) of the transported products.
  • Create appropriate working conditions, ensure the necessary qualifications, motivate employees, thus creating a prerequisite to ensure continuous improvement in satisfying the customers’ requirements.
  • Pay attention to the internal and external communication.
  • Perform all activities in a respecting any and all environmental protection principles.
  • Reflect the ethical aspects in our activities.
  • The company management has committed to establishing conditions and resources for fulfilment of the Quality Policy and for continuous improvement of the functioning of the quality management system.

Employees are expected to comply with the established rules, to assume personal responsibility for the quality of the activities performed and to show initiative in process improvement activities.

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